We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality of inspection services out there.  Inspection documentation and participation on all project phases are critical items to deliver any project to a safe and fast close out.

All of our services include:


- Maintain record of all project documents such as approved plans, daily reports, semi-monthly reports, RFIs, and potential change orders (one copy at the job site and another copy at the main office, plus electronic copies of all inspection and project file).
- Coordinate Materials Testing

- Weekly Observation Reports
- Attend Weekly and Pre-Construction Meetings
- Participate in owner, coordination, and pre-construction meetings with all needed in put to help push the project forward.
- Communicate with all project teams
- Work with construction managers in solving, and monitoring job site activities such as change orders that may be based on T&M
- Monitor testing laboratories activities as required by Title 24.

- As-Build and Record Keeping
- Review Monthly Payment Application and Other Assigned Duties

- Punch-list Items

- Final Verified Reports to DSA

Our inspectors are dedicated to not only maintaining high standards of quality, but will also look after our client’s best interest to ensure that every item on the project’s scope of work is completed and is in compliance with approved plans and applicable codes to ensure a safe occupancy within schedule and project budget.